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Re: Innocuous Happy99

First of all, this is not a computer list, so let's close this topic
down.... right after I put in my comments :-).   Let's raise the drinking
age to 35, too (I'm 36).

Richard wrote:
>>It will not do anything nasty apart from this.<<
Quite a few viruses were designed to be rather benign and simply flash a
message once in awhile.  The problem is that the authors are not operating
system programmers and may not be very good programmers of any sort
(viruses, etc. are actually simple programming feats).  And even if the
virus (worm, whatever) doesn't cause you problems now, you can be sure that
when you upgrade your software, the programmers didn't build in "support"
for your pet virus, and THEN you will have problems.

And Merrill:  Thanks for bringing computer V.D. home to the list :-).