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Re: Rio pumps (Was Re: Eheim Internal filters)

James Purchase wrote:

> Rio makes a filter attachement for several of their internal pumps which
> appear to be dead ringers for the Eheim units which I have. Several of the
> mail order houses have them, and they cost _much_ less than the Eheims. But
> I have no experience with Rio pumps and cannot comment on their quality.

Rio pumps are versatile, economical and powerful, but don't expect
Eheim quality.

I used to run three Rio 2100's in my marine tank.  Some of the flaws I
- The power cord is too short.
- The rubber suction cups don't last, and there is no alternative way to
  hang the pump.
- Rio's probably need to be cleaned more regularly to prevent burn out.
  One of them burn out in less than a year, most likely due to excessive
  calcium build up.

If you plan to use Rio's only for mechanical filtration, you don't have
to buy the filter attachment.  The Rio comes with a big strainer that
makes it looks like an Eheim pump.  You can stuff floss in the strainer
for mechanical filtration.

Louis Lin