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Dupla availability in the U.S.

I guess it's time to take off the party hats. After I read of James
Purchase's success in getting Dupla to send him a catalog, I e-mailed Dupla
and got the following response:

>Dear Mr. Fischer,

>With reference to your e-mail we regret to inform you that our Dupla range
>not available on the US market for the moment due to the fact that we have
>representative/distributor for our products at present. Unfortunately, a
>direct supply to consumers is not possible.

>As soon as this situation has changed, you can gather our corresponding
>information from our web pages.

>We are sorry that we cannot give you a more favourable reply.

>Kind regards,

>Dupla Aquaristik GmbH

>i.A. Vera Winkler

Oh well.

Tom Fischer