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Re: Antagonism between plant species

> Aquatic Plants Digest   Thursday, February 18 1999   Volume 03 : Number 854
> Is there any information related to plant antagonism between species. I
> never been able to grow Hygrophila Difformis in my 72 gallons tank while I
> have succes with a bunch of other species. For instance, I have multiple
> Anubia nanas, Aponogetons crispus and bovinianus, Rotala indica,
> Java fern, Echinodorus major and a lot of Cryptocoryne wendtii. While H.
> difformis is supposed to be an easy specie to grow, I does not in my tank.

>From my observations and experiments I have concluded most species
are sensitive to water chemical contents, pH and light when grown immersed.
As these factors are varied some species will thrive while others fade out.
Emerged plants seem to be very tolerant.

I feel that H. Difformis, Rotala Indica prefers a chemically richer environment
than others. They grow wild in and around paddy fields, H.Difformis resembles
thorny weed and Rotala I. looks spectacular in shade red. The same rotala
grows well during some seasons in tube well fed hard water ponds, but refuses
to grow in my glass 55g tanks! These wild Rotalas have larger leaves than what
I have seen in pictures and web pages. Bacopa is very hardy, A. Crispus is
sensitive, in some situations grows luxuriously in pH 8+ water low light conditions.

Since we can't easily control all factors in our aquatic environments, I suggest
planting every variety you can find and enjoy the company of the ones that thrive
and try again the failed one in newer tanks..

Bangalore, South India