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DAD's Fish Room - Unbelievable Service!

With all the talk on the list about mail-order experiences, I thought I
would share with the list an experience with DAD's Fish Room.  The Canadians
on the list probably already know Henry while contemplating what Tropica
plants they are going to get next ....ARRRGGG.

About two weeks ago I ordered an ADA Calendar from Henry at DAD's.  It
arrived bent at 90 degrees.  Apparently the US Postal delivery person tried
to fit it into our mailbox instead of driving the 100 yards to our house.
This is typical of this particular postal worker.  We find boxes left out on
the road, when we put out-going mail in the box she doesn't always pick it
up and I even tipped her at Christmas  for Pete's sake!

Well I called DAD's to let him know I recieved the Calendar and told him
about the unfortunate shape it was in, thinking maybe I would go ahead an
order another.  Without even hesitating Henry offered to send me another, by
air-mail and at no charge!  WOW ...  What a guy!

This is not meant to be an advertisement (subliminal
http://www.dadsfish.com), at the expense of list members, but if any
mail-order company guys are reading this, take-notes.  I will continue to
order from DAD's not because of price but because I can trust them, they are
friendly,  Henry knows plants and planted tanks, is always striving to carry
planted tank oriented stuff (he's got Yamato Numa-ebi algae-eating
shrimp! ),   and will do whatever it takes to help you.

Sorry for boring anyone but positive news is a rare thing these days!
Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com

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Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 5:37 PM
Subject: Calander

|Hey Tom, Sorry 'bout that.
|Thanks for letting me know what happened to your goods.  :-(
|Another AquaJournal calander is on the way. You should receive it by
|tuesday?wednesday? Hopefully in one piece this time. Airmail.
|I marked _all_ over the tube "DO NOT BEND-PHOTOS" in red ink. I hope
|they get the message.
|Let me know what happens.
| Thanks for your patience Tom.
|see ya.
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