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: Andrei Tatarinov wrote: <<<<< Antibiotics
Hi all,
is it true  that antibiotics (penicillin 500 units/l) can kill aquatic
plants ?
I am going to use antibiotics to cure my fish. They have  ulcer-like
damaged body behind the first fins - white with red strikes, some of them
have damaged gills and they are  gasping at the surface and not eating,
one fish has died. Salted bath helps only particularly. These concerns
only barbs, other fish look healthy.
Is tetracycline act the same as penicillin?
Can you point me some newsgroup or mailing list about fish disease,

No, penicillin should not do major harm to plants, but it will affect
biofiltration, causing potentially lots of other problems, primarily
related to ammonia increases.
It sounds like some of your fishes are affected by hemorrhagic 
septicemia: tetracycline is probably a good choice. Another
good choice is an antibiotic called nifurpirinol, available in
the US as Furanace. Other causes
can not be excluded though, and overall the risk of mortality
is high even with proper treatment. 
Have you checked for water quality? Often these infections are
cause by excess of bioload or filtration problems, and the primary
cause must be corrected. Also, avoid to come in contact with fishes 
with open ulcers, since some of these diseases may actually
infect people too.  
The best way to start learning about diseases in aquarium fish
is to buy and study a book, such as those by Untergasser for

Dionigi Maladorno
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