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> At $290.00/unit the initial outlay is 2-3 times the cost of a compressed
> gas system (if purchased from Dave Gomberg).  Even more troubling is the
> cost to maintain it.  I pay $10.75 to fill my 5# tank and it lasts 2-4
> months+.  The replacement carbon blocks for the Carbo-plus unit last 2-4
> months also, but cost $39.00 and have to be mail ordered (unless you
> live in Baltimore).

Geez...  a far cry to "cheaper than getting CO2 cylinders refilled".
It costs me ~$8 to refill my 5lb cylinder.  That will last at least 4 months.
$39+Tax+Shipping?  Geez...  its just carbon for gods sake...  its like the
most of close to the most common element in the freaking planet!

As far as electronics, $290?  Wow...  Its probably a transformer and an
adjustable resister.  Maybe a few LEDs for looks, and a plastic case.
I'm in the wrong business...

Guess I'll scratch that from my list of "neat new toys I just can't live

> I love the idea, but not enough to justify the added expense and
> inconvience.


> P.S. I made a delightful discovery the other day.  I removed my Ehiem
> diffuser from my tank and put it in my wet/dry on the "closed" side
> under the bio-balls.  Even with the output turned down from 16psi to
> 15psi I noticed an significant increase in pearling.  I put an airstone
> in the same place and have its pump turned on by timer after the CO2
> shuts off at night.  Both plants and fish appear very satisfied with the
> arrangement.

Any increase in noise level?  I may have to give this a try...  I don't
have a wet dry, but a (eheim, fluval, HOT magnum, pick your favorite)
canister filter.