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I checked into the availability and price of this item and found that
"That Pet Place" never heard of it, but The Aquarium Center
(www.aquariumcenter.com - select "Featured Items") does carry it.  And
it does look to be a very slick way of providing CO2 to your tank ....
if cost is not an issue.  

At $290.00/unit the initial outlay is 2-3 times the cost of a compressed
gas system (if purchased from Dave Gomberg).  Even more troubling is the
cost to maintain it.  I pay $10.75 to fill my 5# tank and it lasts 2-4
months+.  The replacement carbon blocks for the Carbo-plus unit last 2-4
months also, but cost $39.00 and have to be mail ordered (unless you
live in Baltimore).

I love the idea, but not enough to justify the added expense and

Just thought others might like to know,


P.S. I made a delightful discovery the other day.  I removed my Ehiem
diffuser from my tank and put it in my wet/dry on the "closed" side
under the bio-balls.  Even with the output turned down from 16psi to
15psi I noticed an significant increase in pearling.  I put an airstone
in the same place and have its pump turned on by timer after the CO2
shuts off at night.  Both plants and fish appear very satisfied with the

Alan Kaufmann,  Psych Tech 
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----------------------------and nuts are stored.
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