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RE: Flakey Fluvals

> Now, don't get me wrong, the eheim is 2-3x the price of the fluval, so you
> get what you pay for.  BUT, I like my fluval.  There is nothing wrong with
> it.  It performs exactly like is should.  I chose the fluval
> based on price, and
> therefor expected a slightly lower quality device.  It is a great
> filter for the $,
> and I would reccomend it if you can't or don't want to pay the $ for an
> eheim.  If money isn't an issue or less of an issue than quality,
> I'd reccomend
> eheim any day over fluval.

The Eheims seem to have come down dramatically in price lately.  You can get
a 2217-Plus with all fixin's (media, etc.) for $159 at Pet Warehouse.
That's only $60 more than a 403 from the same place, and the 2217 is rated
for a much larger tank (159 vs 100 gallons, according to the specs in the
Pet Warehouse catalog).  An even better deal is the 2213-Plus.  It's only
$89, versus $79 for a Fluval 303.

(Note: I have never used a Fluval, so I make no claims about the quality or
alleged lack thereof of the Fluvals.  I'm just going on price comparisons).