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Re: CO2 Setup

<Kelley Beard wrote:> 
> 	Boy Merrill, you really seem to be sold on the Carbo-plus system,
> and I'm curious as well.  You think you might be able to get us a pic of
> what the system looks like?
<Merrill Cohen wrote:>
> > You can save yourself a lot of trouble (and money) by trying the
> > "Carbo-plus" CO2 unit that produces CO2 electronically.  I have been
> > two -- one since last May; and there is no problem -- just lots of
> > gorgeous
> > plants (at least 30 varieties)!


I can't put a picture of this on APD, but what goes into your aquarium is a
"sandwich" of a carbon block and it is surrounded by stainless steel --
about 7 inches long, 3/4" thick and 3 inches wide.  A wire is attached to
this going to a control unit outside of the aquarium.  The rest you might
be able to get from the copy of the information of their brochure which is
No CO2 reactor is needed!
No "Bubble Counter" is needed!
No CO2 gas is needed!
No pressure tank is needed!
No gas refills are needed!
No valves or gauges are needed!
No special tubing is needed!
Absolutely safe!  Only a pH kit is needed to monitor the reduction of pH by
the carbon dioxide that is produced.
Dial control to use very little to maximum.  Green dial lights shows how
much CO2 you want produced and red indicator light will show when
replacement carbon block is needed. (Lasts an average of 2 months at full
strength or approximately 4 months at normal usage!)
Carbon blocks and holder unit replaceable at very reasonable costs (much
less than filling CO2 gas tanks).
Control unit with the dial is guaranteed for one year.
"Carbo-plus" is the electrolytic reaction between the carbon and the water
- breaking down the water into hydrogen and oxygen .  Then, the carbon from
the unit is combined with oxygen to create carbon dioxide which is utilized
by the plants for superb growth.
Ready to use immediately when you take the unit home. 
Produces .29 grams of CO2 per hour at maximum use.
May be used with an electrical timer to go on and off with your lights

Just stand the unit with the carbon bar upright in your aquarium and place
the control dial outside of the aquarium --where you can see it.  Plug it
into your electrical socket and adjust the amount that you desire with the
control knob.  A very fine "smoke" of CO2 will begin to be produced
immediately and this is readily absorbed by your water for the plants to

If your aquarium water is hard, "CARBO-PLUS" will also reduce the carbonate
hardness of your water by depositing the calcium carbonate on the inside of
the stainless steel unit that is placed in the aquarium. This reduction is
helpful to many aquatic plants.
I hope that this helps; and, as you can see, I love the units.  I know that
most of the mail order houses must have it, but I am certain that it is
available from That Fish Place (800) 733-3829 and The Aquarium Center (410)

Merrill Cohen