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RE: Roger Miller's CEC comments

Thank you Roger, for your very clear and concise comments on CEC and
different approaches to growing plants in aquariums. Nicely put!

Aquarium substrates must meet a number of requirements, and a strong
tendancy to become suspended in the water column is definately not one of
the good points of any substrate material. That's why I held kitty litter in
relative distain. I guess if someone can live with this tendancy, all well
and good, but there ARE available alternatives, such as Turface MVP and
Isolite, which have excellent CEC ratings, but because of their granular
nature will NOT become suspended in the water column when you uproot a

Of course, you can't go to the local corner store and buy either Turface MVP
or Isolite on special for $1.99/20 lbs.

James Purchase