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Eheim vs Fluval filter debate!!!!

	[Kelly Beard]  Just for the record that I didn't start this thread,
but maybe my argument will end it (Ha!).  :-)
> >It's called E-H-I-E-M. Really folks, how much fish poop do you want to
> >injest? Lay out the few extra bucks up front and be done with it. I've
> yet
> >to have an Eheim anything break down in a manner which could not be
> easily
> >repaired, and some of my Eheim pumps have seen 10 years of service. I've
> >said it before and I'll say it again, Daleco has a sale on (35% off of
> all
> >in-stock Eheim equipment). There really is NO excuse in this day and age
> and
> >this marketplace for poorly designed merchandise, no matter how
> innexpensive
> >it might be. If people stop buying them, Hagen will get the message and
> >redesign them.
> >
> If you had not wanted to be confronted on this you should have not said
> anything.  The fact is, you are wrong.  There is nothing wrong w/ the
> Fluval
> Canister filter.  I have seen most work for 10+ years with no problems.
> The
> eheim professional series is the only class of eheims i rate higher than
> the
> Fluvals when it comes to quality and ease of maintenance.  The fluvals are
> very easy to prime, it just takes a little practice.  There is no reason
> to
> have to resort to sucking fish poop.  If anyone needs any help priming
> their
> fluval's, email me.  I will be happy to help. 
	[Kelly Beard]  I have no doubt that Fluvals are good filters - heck,
they've been around for quite a while.  Amano uses them, or used to, anyway.
I don't know anything about them other than it seems that quite a few people
have trouble with them from time to time, particularly on
rec.aquaria.freshwater.  Maybe it's their intake and output tubes being on
the same level whereas the Eheims have the intake on the lower level, output
at the top (the professional filters are not this way, I believe).  The
Fluvals have their tray system, which seems to be a selling point, but I
appreciate the entire girth of the Eheim canister being used for filtration.


	2 2213s
	1 2217

	It all boils down to $ and what you consider to be acceptable
equipment to you, I guess.  I like Eheim stuff because I can afford it and
it has little perks and design issues that are important to me.

	It's like the debates in the cycling hobby - which is a better frame
material - aluminum, steel, carbon fiber or titanium?  The answer is
whatever you like and can justify spending.

> Is anyone else sick of Mr. Purchase's attitude?  
	[Kelly Beard]  What attitude?  He's a fan of his Eheims like you are
of your Fluvals.  BTW, Pet Warehouse has significantly reduced their prices
of Eheim stuff.

> Gary Plano Jr.