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> From: "Tony Rubin" <jedi at enteract_com>
> I am not sure about the needle valve.  It seems to me these
> are only needed
> for low pressure systems?  I think I just use the regulator
> to get the PSI
> down to 15, right?  So here is what I am thinking about getting.
> 5 pound CO2 tank (limited space)
> 2 stage CO2 regulator
> Eheim diffuser

Just to add a data point:

I just picked up a dual regulator, solenoid, and needle valve from these
folks for $159 to replace the aging Sandpoint setup I had. I works well at
only 3 psi to the needle and the solenoid is much quieter than the old one
that ran at tank pressure.

I still like the old Sandpoint powerhead driven reactor, I haven't seen
anything else like it. Of course, I'm kinda a glutton for punishment pumping
CO2 into an open top 225 gallon, but I get a couple months out of a 5 lb
bottle anyway.

Jon Wilson