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Fluval Canisters

It is unfortunate and surprising that such blantant condemnation of 
equipment which many hobbyists use with relatively few qualms appears on 
this list. Few filters exist which are completely foolproof in design; 
the Fluval canisters are no exception. However, these filters are quite 
far from the disaster that Mr. Purchase portrays them to be, and are 
completely workable and serviceable. Many hobbyists have used this 
canister line for _years_ without incident. 

There is no need to ingest tank water to prime the canister following 
maintenance, nor are the filters prone to malfunction or disrepair when 
used properly. There are many ways to speed or completely bypass the 
priming process, many of which have been mentioned here and elsewhere on 
the internet. Quick disconnect valves further simplify the process. A 
conscientious hobbyist will easily find a system that works best for him 
or herself. 

The Eheim products are excellent in design and durability, but it is 
important to note that not every hobbyist has the funds to purchase such 
filters, especially when multiple tanks are involved. When one considers 
the flexibility, capacity and reliability of the Fluval, it becomes 
quite clear that they are an excellent alternative. I function on a 
student budget, and have not found a reason to move to more expensive 
counterparts. The assertion that these filters are of an extremely 
subpar quality is unfounded. 

Wielding my trusty Fluval,  

Erik Leung 
San Francisco (rain!)

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