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Re: Weird light

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, George Booth wrote:

> I was browsing rec.aquaia.freshwater.plants recently and came across this:
> >mkaczur at earthlink_net wrote:
> >>
> >> I started reflecting sun with a mirror to my plant aquarium.   Will
> >> reflecting the sun with a mirror be benificial to the plants???    My
> >> aquarium is a 30 gallon tall with two 20 watt tubes.     Michael
> >
> >No, reflecting sunlight from a mirror changes the polarity of the light.
> >The reversed polarity may kill the plants.
> Holy cow, I never thought of this. Is it possible?

It looks like if you use two mirrors then everything should be all right.
The first mirror reverses the polarity of the light, and the second mirror
reverses it back again.

Of course, if you live in Santa Fe (or any of the other great spiritual
centers) then you can just get someone to reverse the polarity of your
plants' auras and they'll be cool with the once-reflected light.

Roger Miller
Did I forget a smiley?