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Re: Flourite vs. laterite

> I thought the same thing too when I looked at the jpg. Just didn't 
> look right,
> looks like anubias to me. ESPECIALLY those green roots. My anubias sometimes
> get those, but NEVER any of my substrate feeders. Greg's post 
> implies that the
> plant is one which feeds in the substrate. At least that's how I read it.
> BTW, I'm not trying to call anybody a liar here, but IMHO those look like
> rocks/substrate to me.
> Susan
> Greg Morin posted this link:
> http://www.seachem.com/apd/flouriteroots.jpg
> Karen Randall responded:
> <<Hi Greg,  I'm not in any way questioning the growth of this particular
> plant, but isn't the plant in the photo an Anubias?>>

Yes, it is Anubias. I'm not really a "plant" guy so I had no idea at 
the time, I just thought it was a great shot. Sorry, didn't mean for 
there to be any "deception"... what plants would you suggest to take 
a shot of the root system in Flourite? I'll see if we have any and 
uproot some ;-)

-Greg Morin

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