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I am trying to put together all the advice I have received so far and this
is what I have come up with.  First I need a tank of course.  Next I need a
two stage CO2 regulator.  Next I need a check valve.  Next I need a bubble
counter.  Next I need a diffuser.  It seems to me this is the standard
equipment for a high pressure system which is recommended.

I am not sure about the needle valve.  It seems to me these are only needed
for low pressure systems?  I think I just use the regulator to get the PSI
down to 15, right?  So here is what I am thinking about getting.

5 pound CO2 tank (limited space)
2 stage CO2 regulator
Eheim diffuser

From what I have read the Eheim diffuser has a built in check valve and
bubble counter.  This almost makes sense now.  Let me know what you think.

BTW, how often would I have to refill the tank with this setup on a 20H?