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Re: Weird light

> Aquatic Plants Digest   Wednesday, February 17 1999   Volume 03 : Number 851

George wrote:

> I was browsing rec.aquaia.freshwater.plants recently and came across this:
> >mkaczur at earthlink_net wrote:
> >>
> >> I started reflecting sun with a mirror to my plant aquarium.   Will
> >> reflecting the sun with a mirror be benificial to the plants???    My
> >> aquarium is a 30 gallon tall with two 20 watt tubes.     Michael
> >
> >No, reflecting sunlight from a mirror changes the polarity of the light.
> >The reversed polarity may kill the plants.
> Holy cow, I never thought of this. Is it possible?

As long as we are singing songs and partying, some of you who
might be interested in tank lightung should read this:


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