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RE: Flakey Fluvals

After reading the recent flurry of posts concerning problems with
re-starting Fluval canister filters, may I make a suggestion?

It's called E-H-I-E-M. Really folks, how much fish poop do you want to
injest? Lay out the few extra bucks up front and be done with it. I've yet
to have an Eheim anything break down in a manner which could not be easily
repaired, and some of my Eheim pumps have seen 10 years of service. I've
said it before and I'll say it again, Daleco has a sale on (35% off of all
in-stock Eheim equipment). There really is NO excuse in this day and age and
this marketplace for poorly designed merchandise, no matter how innexpensive
it might be. If people stop buying them, Hagen will get the message and
redesign them.

James Purchase

P.S. - Please spare the list with a series of Fluval success stories, very
few will believe them. Instead, send them to my junk mail address -
billgates at microsoft_com <g>