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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #850

> I use flourite.  I tore down my 20 gallon tank so that I could transfer
> everything (including the flourite) to a new 55 gallon (entirely flourite).  I
> uprooted a 24" endo. amazonicus with a large root base.  There was at least 1
> 1/2 cups of flourite in the root ball.  Of course, after shaking it loose it
> almost all fell off.  BUT the issue here is that the roots were interconnected
> and intertwined enough with the flourite to have the flourite hang on for a
> small ride.  I have a picture but the roll isn't quite finished.

You people need to realize that there are other, great ways to grow plants other
than with expensive dirt.

Chris Ferrell
Here in NC, happy with Flourite.

> I thought the same thing too when I looked at the jpg. Just didn't look right,
> looks like anubias to me. ESPECIALLY those green roots. My anubias sometimes
> get those, but NEVER any of my substrate feeders. Greg's post implies that the
> plant is one which feeds in the substrate. At least that's how I read it.
> BTW, I'm not trying to call anybody a liar here, but IMHO those look like
> rocks/substrate to me.
> Susan
> Greg Morin posted this link:
> http://www.seachem.com/apd/flouriteroots.jpg
> Karen Randall responded:
> <<Hi Greg,  I'm not in any way questioning the growth of this particular
> plant, but isn't the plant in the photo an Anubias?>>