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Surprise plant store in S.F.

I was in San Francisco this weekend and spent some time trying
out freshwater aquarium shops. To my surprise, I stumbled upon
Ocean Aquarium. They have nothing to do with saltwater and everything
to do with freshwater plants. He's got plant tanks through out the
basement and all of them are nicely arranged one way or another.

He's also got these 38" sealed fluorescent tubes w/external
ballast that you put under the water for $50. It gets the light
closer to the plants. Interesting idea but I'm not convinced it's 
any better than two bright T-8's mounted above the surface.

Justin (the owner) is very passionate about his hobby so once you
get him going, he'll show you everything.

The store is:
Ocean Aquarium
120 Cedar St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

The store is located in an alley and extremely hard to find.
All the One Way street doesn't help either. The front doesn't
look like much but inside, there's a lot.

If you do go, tell him the guy from Los Angeles told you on the