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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #850

> Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:16:34 -0600
> From: "Tony Rubin" <jedi at enteract_com>
> Subject: CO2 Setup
> I have read the information on The Krib and I think I have a pretty good
> idea of how to setup a CO2 system, but I want to be sure I get the right
> thing.  I found a local home brew store that sells tanks of CO2.  They
> some that are filled, but they don't fill them there, but I know where
> can be filled so that is no problem.  They are asking $59 for a 5 pound
> tank, which from what I read seems reasonable.  The next part is what I
> a little help with.  I am thinking about purchasing the following from
> Warehouse.
> Aqualine Buschke Regulator Gauge $129.95
> Aqualine Buschke Bubble Counter $24.95
> Aqualine Buschke Reactor $27.95
> From what I read the above regulator gauge includes the pressure reducer
> fine settings valve which seems to be exactly what I'm supposed to get,
> although they are sometimes two pieces.  The bubble counter also includes
> the equivlant to a check valve.
> If anyone could possible take a look at Pet Warehouse's web site or
> and confirm that this is what I need, it would be most appreciated.
> ------------------------------

One kind member by the name of Justin coached me on a CO2 setup, and I will
pass on the info which I obtained through my own search:

Regulator:  Victor #SR2530 available through a welding supply (about $45)
Fine Needle Valve control:  Hoke " milli-mite #1300 with 1 degree stem".
(about $55 for the Bass, $105 for Stainless Steel), Check under Valves in
your yellow pages.

The Eheim setup also appears to be highly recommended by THE LIST ($199
through Pet Warehouse last time I checked).

As to the tank, the $59 sounds like a good deal to me.  You might get a #10
for about the same price.

M. Jordan