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Re: Flourite

> Being a new Flourite user I speculate that it does not have calcium or
> magnesium and certainly not nitrate or phosphate. (Am I right or 
> wrong, Greg?)

You're right about the nitrate and phosphate, with respect to the 
calcium or magnesium we have not tested so I couldn't say either way, 
but we do not add any.

>>Firing a clay and making it into granules has the advantage that the
>>clay is no longer clay after that, it has become rocks and therefore
>>won't cloud the aquarium water.
> It is definately not "rocks". It does cloud water when you move plants...
> briefly which causes no problems.

Yes, but I would imagine much of that cloudiness is the result of 
stirring up normal detritus that settles in any substrate rather than 
the Flourite "coming apart"... if this were the case the Flourite 
would be reduced to a big pile of dust rather rapidly I would think.

-Greg Morin

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