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Re: Flourite

> I'd speculate that it is an iron rich clay mixed with a few secret trace
> minerals (possibly manganese, copper, zinc, boron and molybdenum) and
> probably a smattering of macro minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium,
> perhaps a little nitrate and perhaps even a phosphate or two), that is
> mixed together and then extruded into little pellet like things, fired
> and then crushed, cleaned and bagged.

We do not add anything to Flourite (that doesn't mean it doesn't 
contain manganese, copper, zinc, boron or molybdenum, calcium 
magnesium, or potassium... it may or may not, we've never had it 
tested for such, thus we really do not know...). It definitely does 
not contain any nitrate or phosphate however (that was tested for).

-Greg Morin

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