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The stork really visited my house this weekend.  I guess fish celebrate
Valentine's Day as well.  I had a feeling about the guppies.  They appeared
to be doing what guppies do best.  As for the mollies, they are second only
to guppies in breeding excessively.  What I wasn't expecting was a little
tiny silver fish with a black stripe to be following the school of SAEs
around my tank this morning.  Where did this little visitor come from?  Is
there any way to sex SAEs or tell if they are spawning?  It is strange how
proud you can feel watching a whole bunch of little fish swimming around. 
How big does a SAE have to be to spawn?  My largest is only three to three
and a half inches long.  I thought this was too small to be sexually
mature.  Where ever the little fish came from, I am definately excited!

Disclaimer to claim of spawning: 
Now it is possible that the small SAE was introduced last night when I
added some fish, include some SAEs.  This chance is small, because I do not
dump water from a LFS into my tank, but do the whole slow acclimization
thing.  I definately inspected the fish at the store, in the bag, and in
the holding tank at home.  I then scooped them out individually, so I am
pretty sure I would have noticed a hitch-hiker.  

Jennifer Glover
(waiting for beginner's luck to end, and the algae to set in)