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Little sealed envirnoments

A small container like that can not be a "self supporting
environment". Do not buy these things.

If you don't have much money, how about this?

ten gallon tank: $7
heater: $10-$12
corner filter and pump: $12-$15
dechlorinator/water conditioner: $3

Go to a glass shop and ask them if they have a scrap piece of
plexiglass. Borrow a jigsaw to cut it to size if desired. Use that for
your lid (reduces evaporation and keeps fish from jumping)

Now you have equipment to reasonably keep some fish. It will be tough
to grow plants, but you can keep some fish reasonably healthy. You can
even skip the heater (provided the room doesn't get too cold), and
keep temperature hardy fish like guppies, white clouds, zebra danios.
These will all be able to take temps down to 65 degrees(maybe less)
(gradual, not sudden drops).

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