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Test Kits... which one... revisited.

>After seeing that Pet Warehouse (without the "s" ;-) had phosphate test kits 
>on sale I decided to maybe get one.  After searching through the archives I 
>came to one definite conclusion... the LaMotte kits are the best.  Well... 
>they might be to most accurate... but not the best for my pocket.
>After a little more searching I saw that the sea-chem phosphate test kit had 
>a few good reviews.  Which nitrate and KH/GH kits are the ones to get (aside 
>from the LaMotte).  I have heard a few good things about the Tetra KH kit 
>but nothing about any of the nitrate kits.  Any suggestions?  Good/Bad 

I use and like Aquarium Systems SeaTest low range nitrate kit.  It's not
too expensive, and has a see-through plastic color comparator that I find
quite easy to read.  I use the Tetra KH kit, which is very inexpensive.