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crushed flint?

<< Moon,
 You can find crushed flint filter sand at:
 They sell just about every medium used as filtering material.  I spoke with
 them on the phone and they do have it in stock.  Hope this helps you.  James

If this is a company that sells products which come from N. America, be
careful!!  There is little or *no* true flint in N. America.  What we have is
chert, which comes from limestone deposits, and often has a limestone cortex.
It's my understanding that limestone can raise the ph in tanks.  It certainly
affects hardness.  

As someone else noted, quartz sand is no longer used in sandblasting due to
health and safety concerns.  This is what I learned from local companies.  Be
careful with anything called "grit."  Find out exactly what it is, and also be
careful about buying materials from sand and gravel companies.  Often they are
not washed, so you have to do *all* the cleaning yourself.  What's more, in
some areas, like here in Arkansas, gravel companies are destroying local river
and stream ecosystems because they mine gravel and sand from streams and