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Re: Potassium Nitrate

>From: "Stu Elston" <selston at utk_edu>
>To: "Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com" <Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com>
>Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 15:02:04 -0500
>Reply-To: "Stu Elston" <selston at utk_edu>
>Subject: Re: Potassium Nitrate

>"Bob/Georgia" <luna at mail2_nai.net> wrote:
>>Subject: Re: Potassium Nitrate
>>- ------------------------------
>>The potassium nitrate I got is small white crystals, which dissolve
>>instantly in warm water. On the bottle it is listed as "Granules".
>The stuff I found (Green Light Stump Remover, "contains
>potassium nitrate") was small white crystals also, but
>didn't dissolve instantly in what I consider warm water
>(feels warm to the inside of my wrist, like you'd test
>bottled milk for a baby).  I did get it dissolved, though. 
>However, after sitting for a while, a cloudy white, viscous
>component settles to the bottom of the container.  I'm not
>talking about crystals precipitating out.  Of course, I
>shake it up before using it.  But I'm wondering, is this
>behavior typical of (pure) KNO3, or is this something else
>that is in the stump remover??  Do others observe this,
>too?  I do _not_ observe this with a similar stock mix of
>NaNO3.  In case it's relevant, I mixed 30-something grams
>(what my postal scale says is 1 oz.) of the stump remover
>powder in 500 ml H2O.
>Stu Elston (selston at utk dot edu)
>Department of Physics and Astronomy
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