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terralit and flourite

>I report that I like Flourite very much. It looks great. My swords
>(various), crypts (3 kinds) and fast growers are doing very well. I 
>up a large CT (already too big inside a month) and it's roots were
>amazing... certainly better developed on this plant than I have 
>before. I love it that the whole substrate is Flourite. I like the 
>but one is always concerned about pulling it to the surface. With the
>Flourite none of that worry is present.

I would like to know what the "concern" is with pulling terralit to the 
surface.  I have it in a tank that contains some pelvicachromis sp. and 
they have dug around in there enough to bring some to the surface, and 
no problems thus far.
Also where did you obtain your flourite?  might try it one of these 


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