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Re: surface area of clay and cushed fired clay

On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Steve Pushak wrote:


> My speculation (guess) at the composition of Fluorite is based solely on
> the premise that a "good" substrate -might- contain all macro and micro
> nutrients in appropriate dosages. ...

Based on what Greg said, I made a conciderably simpler guess at what
Flourite might be.

Coal seams in Wyoming and adjacent areas are often burned some distance
back from the surface.  That's a natural process.  Where the adjacent beds
are shale the fire removes the coal and leaves a bed of typically red
and/or reddish brown scintered clay. I think that in some cases only the
top part of a coal seam is burned, and the scintered clay is removed with
the rest of the overburden and stored for use in later reclaiming the
mined land.

In either case the material could be obtained cheaply (on a large volume
basis, anyway) and would be crushed, cleaned and bagged for sale.

Roger Miller
speculating harmlessly in Albuquerque