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? re: those little sealed glass aquatic enviroments


I'm new to the list and this is my first post.  Although I
hope to have "real" planted aquarium in the future,
circumstances prevent me from doing it now.  With this in
mind, are any of you familiar with the items described in
subject. I have seen different brands in several catalogs.
They come in different sizes, often spheres.  Some have tiny
red Hawaiian shrimp or other "wildlife", thay have green
algae or a plant, sand, shells, sticks, etc.  They are a
closed system, self supporting, needing only light.  I would
be particularly interested in hearing comments, pro or con,
from anyone who has actually owned one vs. theoretical
comments.  Brand names would be useful.  I'm not expecting
it to last forever, but the idea seems neat.  However, they
are not cheap and I would like to know beforehand if they
are as they are advertised.  If you don't know but have
ideas for other sources of info on or off the net I would be
interested in hearing that also.  Finally, how in the world
do these things get shipped without sloshing the contents to
kingdom come?

Thanks,  Chet S.