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Re: Fluval Problems in Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #847

>> Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 16:16:14 +0800 (MYT)
>> From: cchee at pc_jaring.my (Charlie Chee)
>> Subject: Fluval303 Problem
>> I am having a problem with my FLUVAL 303 in the midst of setting up a
>> planted tank. I failed to get it working ie water coming out of the exhaust
>> stem although the motor was working.
>> According to the instructions in the manual (page 13), "Fully open both
>> valves. Before final connection of exhaust assembly, air must be sucked
>> from the exhaust hose. This will create a vacuum in the intake tube."
>> I tried that. Is there a typo error? Any ideas will be appreciated.
>> charlie

One more thing.  Make sure the return line is above the water line.  This
makes it much easier to prime and you will never have to turn the filter
upside down.  Simply attach all lines, with valves closed, then, open them
both at the same time.  This ususally is enough to start the siphon.  If
not, its easy to suck. Then, simply plug it in when the canister fills w/
H2O.   btw, i think the new fluval kits come w/ a siphon starter. Do they work?

jettat19 at mail_idt.net