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10g tanks under a...

>i was wondering if i can safely put 4 10g. tanks (sideways) under a 55 
>my concern is with the ends of the tank that overhang over the metal 
>should i be concerned about some extra support on either end? 

throw a sheet of 1/2" paricle board down where the ten gals will go 
(don't forget to seal it)  I had a similar problem, solvedit this way, 
the tank is down now, but it ran without incident fo about 1 year.

In case it isn't obvious, I'm a newbie to the list (and a highschool 
student too)  So I guess I've got that Double the ignorance thing going 
huh?  I live near Vancouver BC. I've been in the hobby for 2 years and 
successfully am keeping 5 tanks that are all planted. (65gal hex low low 
lowtech!, 30, 20, 10 gallon tanks, and a 5 gallon emerse plant tank)  I 
guess I'm a "son of Pushak" I've adopted his saying of "why pay for 
dirt?"  I use clay balls, soil mixtures, and terralit with soil 
mixtures.  I have only yeast CO2 supplimentation, I am a student 
remember! I use a minimum of 2 watts per gallon on all my tanks (closer 
to 3)  

I hope to become more active on this list, 
Kevin Jones

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