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Re: Blasting sand; Where in So.Florida?

boukmn at mindspring_com writes:

>Home Depot, Discount Auto, Sears...Scratch!  There has GOT to be someone on
>the list that knows where I can find this stuff down here. Please HELP!

Here in Dallas, 10 years ago many of the fish stores used to sell genuine 50
lb. bags of TexBlast, for about $5 a bag.  When I got to looking around for
gravel recently, TexBlast was nowhere to be found, but many of them are now
selling 50 lb. bags of pool filter sand (for rapid sand filters on swimming
pools), for about $12 a bag.  When I asked 'em to point to it in a tank, it
looked very similar, at least to me.  You might try your local swimming pool
supplier (around here we have more of them then we do 7-11's it seems; I'm
sure So. Florida is probably even worse :-)

- Chuck