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Catfish barbel loss

I would think that because corydoras are similar to the larger catfish, the loss of barbels could be attributed to poor water quality. Since it seemed to occur in all of the corys, and since there is no other evidence of disease, there is probably a problem with the water. Catfish will supposedly grow back their barbels if the water is cleaned. If they have had them missing for 4 months, however, they may not grow back. The best thing for you to do is to slightly increase the quantity or frequency of water changes, vacuum the substrate (corys being burrowers would have their barbels come in direct contact with the detritus) and perhaps get a better filtration system. I don't remember the details of the
original message, so if you could describe the tank, and cleaning procedure, it will help. The permanent loss of these barbels would hinder the corys' sensory capabilities, but if they don't exhibit any other problems, then it would be best to attempt to clean the tank as best as you can, and just wait it out some more.
Hope this helped.