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Re: Pyroclay

James Purchase writes:

>I realize that anything marketed as a "trace element" mix might have a
>binder or a filler as part of it's volume but Silica is NOT a trace element
>of much concern to anybody unless they are growing Corn or perhaps Bamboo,
>both of which encorporate silica into their cellular structure.

I don't believe the silica is intended to dissolve, but rather is the filler,
binder, or whatever else you want to call it.  The stuff is intended to be:
1) Broadcast over the ground
2) Placed in a recyling hydroponic system reservoir
3) Added to rockwool
In fairness, it is not intended for use in aquariums, but neither are a lot of
things aquarists use in their pursuit of fish utopia.  It has the consistency
of dry pottery clay, and I would guess that it would easily pass a 200 mesh.
My real question is whether any of the stuff in there that will leech out will
cause trouble.  All that silicate may also be the stuff that all those metals
are bound to, which would make said leeching process happen very slowly.

Bob Dixon