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Aponogeton crispus propagation

Hi All,

I have one A. crispus in my 2mth-old planted setup that's been sending out
flower stalks which didn't seed.  Lately, they (the flowers)	did seed with
another flowering and one more on it's way up.  The first seeded stalk
dipped back into the water and with the pod cover softened, the seeds
dropped back into the tank, sprouted roots and leaves are now 2cm long.

My question is whether these seeds can be dried and stored so that I can
sprout them when required... like beans.  Any links to aquatic plant
propagation or personal experience from members from this list is most

(SIDE NOTE: Intro)
I'm Ronnie Lee, a new member to this list, and from Singapore - South East
Asia.  My current setup is a standard 4 footer (approx 200litres) with
Duplarit G, CO2 fertilization from a 10kg cylinder and heavily planted with
>70% coverage on 4" gravel depth. No heating cables are used as the average
temp in the tank is already between 28-29degreeC and I don't have the
budget for a chiller for the water column.  As I don't have background
knowledge in Chemistry,  I'm now learning through trial and error, about
PMDD (Poor Man's Dupla Drops) and hope to learn much more from APD.

Ronnie Lee