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DIY CO2 via old Skilter?

I've been lurking here for a while, getting ready to set up a 
former-reef tank as a plant intensive/quiet fish tank.

My filter options (other than buying something new) are a bio-ball 
trickle filter, a Magnum 350, and a Skilter 250.  The tank is a 40 
gallon breeder tank (36x18x16" high).

I want to try the yeast/CO2 generator idea, and wonder if it would be 
reasonable to run the CO2 via an airstone placed into the fractionation 
chamber of the Skilter.  I had already modified it to be used that way 
with an air pump instead of the standard "venturi"; much quieter.

My reasons for prefering to try the Skilter are that I dislike the noise 
of the trickle filter ("slurp,slurp" as the water goes down the drain) 
and the @#%@#!% that I'm compelled to utter as I try to get all the O 
rings and such set in the stupid Magnum.

Any input appreciated;  TIA.

Hallie Ray, King George, VA

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