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Low light discus tank.

High all,
my 65 g is doing beautifuly the plants are growing the algae is reciding :)
However I have a 4 foot by 24x24 (120 gallons) tank with 4 adult discus. I
was hoping to now turn this into a low light low tech tank. I would build
ap the  back half of the tank with 5 inches of gravel and plant it with
various Echindorous and other low light plants. A LFS has such a tank with
only 2, 4foot tubes and have large healthy sword plants filling the tank.
Anyone have any comments. I also have an 80 MV lamp, could I combine this
with a 4 foot tube and expect reasonable growth, 40+80 = only 1
Also - the general concensis is that bristle nose catfish damage plants?
Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au