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RE : Rapid co2 consumption.

I live in Norway. In 1995 I bought the Dupla CO2 Set Delta, which contains
>a pH-controller, CO2-diffusor, and a cylinder with 350 grams of CO2. All-
>in- all a highly recommended and expensive system.
>I used this in a 75 litre aquarium. The problem was that the CO2 only
>lasted 20-25 days; a lot shorter than expected. I tried to tighten the
>valve-connections, reducing the waterflow from the filter, and a few other
>improvements, but it did not reduce the CO2-consumption. pH was 6,5, KH
>2-4. This aquarium was taken down after 1 year.
>I have now bought a 250 litre aquarium and which to use my Duplasystem
>again, but I am not sure how to cut down on CO2 consumption. If you have
>any advice, I would be grateful for a E- mail.

Hi, I am no expert on this matter,
however for a 250 litre 65 gallon tank people say that a 4kg =10 pounds
cylinder should last a year (obviously depending on lighting levels and
plants etc etc). We would then expect 350 grams to last you biggger tank a
month. Maybe your 75 litre is very high light and the plants are very rapid
growing. What is the ph of your water, If it is above 7, I would say you
are adding a huge concentration of CO2 to get it down to 6.5 and I would
recomend raising it to 6.8 How are your fish doing?

Daniel Green.
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au