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Re: Sick Corys

i have six corydoras that have lost all the barbels around their mouths.
i've had them for over two years and as far as i can tell they are very
healthy otherwise

They are in my 100 gal planted discus tank that has been set up for 6 mos.
Shortly after the tank was first set up i had an extended illness and the
maintenance suffered for 6-8 weeks.  After that I have been back to normal
weekly water changes.  Its been 4 mos since i first noticed the missing
barbels - they seem fat and happy now but the barbels are not growing back.
anyone know if there is anything i can do to help them?  I have searched the
magazines and
books on fish health that i have and not found any reference to this kind of

oh, btw - i think the Boothism Desiderata should be
required reading for all newbies to the list :)
whadaya think Cynthhia?


kevinreavis at msn_com