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Re:Dosing levels for Substrate Gold

Michael Nielson wrote:

> I have read in the past posts from persons who thought that a little Dupla
> laterite is good, then alot must be better.  They reported problems with
> excessive algae (I think).

Michael,I believe that using Dupla laterite in the same manner as Substrate Gold
laterite would yield very good results.  I also believe that using Substrate Gold
laterite in the same manner as Dupla laterite would yield results of a similar
nature.  IMHO, excessive algae cannot be attributed to the use or "abuse" of either
product.  I would attribute the problem to one or more of the factors relating to
water column imbalance such as lack of plants,
excessive duration of lighting, over-feeding, and so forth, especially during the
first year.

> Karen Randall reported using Substrate Gold at the Dupla dosage and
> achieving good results.  Others have used the recommended amounts with
> good growth as well.

Yes, I am well aware of Karens' success.  Noting her prowess in the world of aquatic
plants would we dare expect anything different? 8-)

> My question is how did you arrive at your dosing levels for Substrate
> Gold?  Any ideas why it does not seem to cause problems at higher levels
> than the Dupla stuff?

Initially, Substrate Gold was tested by the members of the Minnesota Aquarium
Society.  Selected members were given samples and general instructions.  The results
of those tests lay in the increase in HAP entries during the following year.  During
that same time, I had set up several tanks using a variety of methods and dosages in
the substrate.  Through trial and error I arrived at what I now suggest on the
label.  Not that it is cast in concrete, but it has been tested and proven for best
plant growth and longevity in the substrate. 8-)