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Collecting in Brazil - don't bother

>hi yall,
>i will be in southern brazil in april.  i need help regarding obtaining proper
>permits to bring back fish and plants.  private replies ok.  thank you all.
>tsuh yang chen, nyc

Your odds are extrmely slim, even with proper permits. Last year
some dutch killi guys, who have done this before, went on
an expadition. They got all the proper permits and checked
in with Brazilial officials upon arrival who said everything
was in order. 

They fished for a week or so and when they got to the airport
the (roughly translated) "forest police" where there, with
a camera crew. They were incarcerated, their fish, supplies
and 2 $3000 GPS's were confiscated.

The real police seemed a little uncomfortable doing this, especially
in light of them having all their papers filled out and in order.

The GPS's were never returned. The fish ended upp being sold by the
Brazilians end eventually made it to Europe.

Now, fish are easy to transport. Plants have to go thrugh a quarentine;
they may or may not survive even if you do get them out of the country.

Dale Weber used to collect a lot down there, he said he's spend
a small fortune on bribes. He was killed down there in a bad
car accident on the joke they call roads there about 2 years

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