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Re: permits

> Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 13:27:16 EST
> From: Piabinha at aol_com
> Subject: permits
> hi yall,
> i will be in southern brazil in april.  i need help regarding obtaining proper
> permits to bring back fish and plants.  private replies ok.  thank you all.

Fish and plants are handled differently. Fish by F&WL, and plants by
USDA. If fish are shipped in *commercially*, they must come in through
an airport that has a Fish and Wildlife office nearby, so the shipment
can be inspected, if they wish. Customs will not clear any *air-freight*
fish (i.e., their definition of "commercial") without a F&WL clearance,

If checked through as personal baggage, I'm told that only the normal
in-flight customs declaration is acceptable to bring in tropical fish
(non-endangered species only, of course). Check with the appropriate
F&WL office for how *they* will handle it, for I detect considerable
difference in different offices.

Plants with dirt on their roots are still a no-no, AFAIK. Dr. Dave is
going collecting soon, and has been a consultant to USDA on this matter,
so perhaps he can help us out, here.

Please post to the list, for the amount of business travel for our
members means we all should know how to improve our hobby with new
stock, when the opportunity arises.


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