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I've read several members complaints about this company.I cannot agree
with them at all. My experience was an opposite. They were much more
willing on both customer service and replacement(s) than any company
I've dealt with and I've dealt with quite a number! They do not know as
much as some companies about what they carry but are more willing to
make right what's wrong than AAG or Aquatic Greenhouse. Dan
Quakenbush(All Aquatic Plants) and Mike Trz.(Delaware Aquatic Imports)
have always done  a super job.
If you have an issue with these companies .....tell them what happened
etc. .Some will work with you.These folks did when I had a few melts
.AAG really didn't ,but that's the chance you /we all take when buying
live perisable products .I still would recommend them very much(AAG).
Freaking out will not get you what you want ever. Many don't know as
much as us..... educating them can sure help ALL of us. Thanks !
Tom Barr     AGA