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Question for Wild Plant Collectors

Hello all,

 Digging throug the archives, I noticed that some of you like to collect
aquatic plants from the wild.  A few days ago, I hiked to a pond not far from
my house and made an
interesting discovery.  I used to fish in this pond several years ago but I
never noticed the beautiful underwater world that lay hidden just below the
surface.  Hairgrass was everywhere, Myriophyllum aquaticum, Nitella, and
another plant that reminds me of Hygrophila were growing near the west end of
the pond.  
If I collected a few cuttings, would I need to sterilize them with a bleach
How should I sterilize these plants?  In his book, The Mini Atlas of Aquarium
Fishes, Dr. Herbert Axlerod warns against the introduction of pond bred snails
into the aquarium because of potential parasitic infection of the fish.  This
parasite is
described in detail in the book.