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RE: <g> vs ;-)

George booth wrote...

>A smiley indicates an attempt at
>humor. Would it have been less subtle with one of those totally lame
>Compuserve grin things (<g>)?

>Could somebody give me a hint how to post something that is neatly
>formatted such that the formatting doesn't get all screwed up when it is
>digested?  Apparently my e-mailer stuck in a few extra carriage-returns
>that I didn't notice. <sigh>

WOT!?!?!? A "suspendered, bearded Unix old-timer", NOT knowing how to
wrestle his e-mail system into submission? Will wonders never cease?

<g> ;-) <g> ;-) <g> ;-) <g> ;-) <g> ;-) <g> ;-) <g> ;-) <g> ;-)

James Purchase