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Re: ALternate to heating cables

I have used the sticky reptile pads under my twenty gal. tank.  It
used to contain a few Anolis lizards, which I have since sold and
converted into an aquarium.  In the instructions they say not to have
the tank rest on the cord (which is why they come with little pads to
stick at each corner).  I got around that problem by cutting a small
notch in the plastic bottom of my tank where the cord runs under.
  I used this to heat the tank until it quit (about one year of keeping
it on 24 hrs a day).  It kept the tank at about 75F, perfect for most of
my fish.  
  I took it of when I moved a year ago, and now just use a regular
heater and UGF.  The substrate is always the same temp as the water, but
my swords, Hygro. and Val. don't like the UGF, but the Crypts love it.

  If you want substrate heating and don't want a UGF or to pay an arm
and a leg for Dupla, I recommend trying those reptile heaters, the work
pretty good.

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB