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Re: Anyone using Algone filter media?

They sent me a sample in the mail.  When things calm down here a bit, I'm
going to set up a couple of 10's dosed with KNO3 or other nutrients and
take some *real* measurements.  Their "scientific measurements" are pretty
sketchy -- only one trial, no control, etc.

  - Erik

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, Bob/Georgia wrote:

> I received an email from this company touting the benefits of this new
> filter media. It's supposed to be a plant fiber that is used as filter media
> and keeps nitrates at a manageable level. I emailed them back asking about
> the effect on minerals and nutrients in a planted aquarium and the reply
> was:
> "Algone should not have any effect on your supplement doses. Algone will
> reduce the nitrate levels in your tank. All of our experiences show that
> Algone has no adverse effect on plant growth. Nitrate levels just below 10
> ppm are adequate for healthy plant growth. The effectiveness of Algone as an
> algal control is that it does not compete for nutrients with your aquarium
> plants, but rather eliminates nitrates not needed by your plants, hence
> depriving them from algae."
> Sounds promising to me. Anyone out there trying this stuff?
> TIA,
> Bob
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Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com